Writing a Perfect Paragraph

All right so we’re gonna be talking about how to write a perfect paragraph and these are the paragraphs that are going to be the foundation for your body paragraphs.

When you write longer essays now every single paragraph you can you’re going to write in life or for every essay or story it’s going to be like this but this is our foundational structure that we’re going to use like I said for our essays the first things you need to know are what a topic sentence is and then general statements and supporting sentences a topic sentence is just a sentence.

The beginning of the paragraph or in this case the beginning of a paragraph that lets us know the topic or main idea of that paragraph our perfect paragraphs we also have general statements and these are going to give not too specific but some reasons that go along with that main idea or that topic sentence and we follow the rule of three so in this perfect paragraph we’re going to have three general statements three good reasons that go along with that topic sentence and you also have supporting sentences.

These are additional sentences that give more support more details and they enhance each of the general statements they add more to it so let’s take a look at some examples of these here’s our first paragraph on our topic for each of these is going to be a favorite subject in school obviously it’s going to be English our first paragraph says my favorite subject in school is English.

I like to read interesting and exciting literature I also enjoy writing papers most of all I like to beit’s and discussions we were able to have about the things we’re studying there is no class that compares to English case we see this paragraph does have a beginning a middle and an end and I’ve highlighted the beginning in yellow my favorite subject in school is English that’s our topic sentence so it lets us know this whole paragraph should be about my favorite subject in school being English then we have sentences about liking to read literature writing papers and debates and discussions these are what would be classified as general statements that we have know much more the literature writing papers.

I don’t know why they like these things so they’re pretty general but there’s three of them here which is a good start we also have a sentence at the end that closes it all out and tries it up and gives it an oomph and ending to it so this is a start here but it’s not very good because missing that support you’re going to see women that the next when the support really adds a lot so let’s look a little revision of this all right. I still have the same things highlighted but you can see there’s a lot of support added in now it says my favorite subject in school is English we still the same topic sentence.

I like to read interesting an exciting literature okay that was our first general statement but now we’ve added two sentences of support and that’s what we’re going to follow for our paragraph you know recipe here is for each general statement you should have two sentences of support following it in this case in school read everything from Greek mythology to Shakespeare to modern classics like Lord of the Flies the nonfiction works like night and Hiroshima pack an emotional punch and give life to historical events that just doesn’t happen with a history textbook these aren’t just fluff sentences did give a lot of specific information about why I like to read interesting and exciting literature and why that’s a reason English is my favorite subject.

After that we move to the next general statement I enjoy writing papers okay that’s good but we need to know why in order to make this a really solid paragraph so my supporting sentences do that they say I know it may sound dorky but I really feel like essay writing is a challenge to find the best words to describe an idea.

I love the feeling I get seen in a on top of the paper after I worked really hard at revising it over and over again so if two sentences here that I wanted kind of person out of the writer show through that really explain why they enjoy writing papers and then we move on to our final general statement.

I enjoy English class because the debates and discussions we were able to have all the things that are studying and then we have two sentences again two supporting sentences that are going to explain what it is about debates and discussions that this person enjoys in this case more often than not there is more than one right answer to ideas were discussing so it’s enjoyable sharing my thoughts with my classmates and hearing different perspectives on the topic the debates can get really spirited and to be honest I just like to argue so two good reasons here or two good sentences that explain why debates and discussions make English my favorite subject in school and then again that sentence at the end that wraps things up there’s no class that compares to English when it comes to putting all these things together so this is pretty good it’s got the sentence structure here that we like it’s got a beginning with the topic sentences it’s three general statements with two supporting sentences for each of those general statements and it and ending to it a conclusion to it as well we’re not quite done yet though it it’s pretty good but if you read it straight through it’s a little bit clunky you want to make it really clear and smooth and fluent for your readers so what we’re missing here is transitions typically your transitions are going to go at the beginning of every general statement so before I like to read interesting assign literature before I enjoy writing papers before.

I enjoy English class because the debates etc and really you want one before the ending as well so let’s look at another example that has those in alright we still the same topic sentence and I won’t look through and read the whole thing but you can see that it’s a lot more smooth my favorite subject in school is English one reason for this is because I like to create exciting interesting and exciting literature another element of English class that I enjoy is writing papers but the biggest reason I enjoy English class is the debates and discussions although some of these elements are present other courses there’s no class that compares to English so all these things highlighted in blue are examples of transitions and they really tie it all together and make it read very smoothly it’s also very clear where those general statements are so you’ve kind of given your reader a little bit of a road map here signpost so they know exactly what your reasons are for preferring English as your favorite subject in school so to recap here you make sure that you have a topic sentence.

At the beginning of your perfect paragraph you have three general statements each general statement should start with a transition they can be as simple as 1st 2nd and 3rd you can also get a lot more creative with them as well as long as we know that we’re transitioning from one to the next after each general statement you should have two sentences of support and at the very end you want a sentence that wraps it all up a clincher conclusion at the very end of it so if we count that up that should be 11 sentences so our perfect paragraph and a perfect paragraph recipe has 11 sentences to it if you write if your assignment is to write a perfect paragraph later on you can up your sentences in there aren’t eleven there is a problem you’ll need to go back and see what it is that you missed another visual way to look at this here rather than just sentences here’s a graph that shows it you have your topic sentence at the top you know you have three reasons of support and you have two sentences of support for each of your general statements so it’s another graphic way to look at it and make sure those transitions go before each of these.