Researching And Problem Solving

This lecture concerns researching and writing and I know I’ve spent some time on this but I think we need to spend a little more just to get you comfortable and with it and tell you what’s sort of involved in getting really good at it because it’s critical to any university students success and that includes you and me and anyone else who’s involved in in university education I mean your success really is a pendant upon good writing and researching skills and by the way while I’m here let me let me say and bear in mind click pleased that you’re always you always have access to averett some success center or right and center in this case for you guys it’s very good. Read great articles and essays on researching issue at Edusson.

I can’t do it all and we only have medium one place in unit another so it makes it difficult for me to do with so much I’ll do my best but if I ask you to go there to get assistance it’s not because I think that you’re not capable is because I believe that you you actually could benefit from it so that’s the purpose it’s not to punish you at all so this lecture is going to be about four or five or six different areas that I want to discuss and and the first one is called abstract reasoning enesta ability to to generalize that is take a broad view from from the particular the common factor and to identify that common factor between related concepts to compare and contrast two things or two ideas to see the big picture to identify a critical issue in an academic context to anticipate consequences by utilizing such materials and information in an effort to accomplish the purpose of studious research or studious academics those those kinds of things that’s that’s were at least trying to accomplish here the consequential impact of that are being successful of that is that this research and writing newfound skills.

If you if you get to that point hopefully you will will assist with learning how to approach difficult decision making planning and problem solving it otherwise you don’t do that you may spin your afterlife chasing absurdity and and all of the meaninglessness that that can be bestowed upon you I guess I’m sort of making that up but but it’s true I mean this do it in this life and don’t put it off because you keep if you continue to put it off it’ll be you’ll be in your afterlife and you’ll think back just how absurd it was ok enough of that nonsense I spoke number two expressive language is the second area that I want to discuss of using spoken or written language to express ideas is not without difficulty it is a difficult thing particularly if if you’re in my category growing up when I was dyslexic and stuttered in every damn thing else so so it makes it much more difficult for most of us anyway the consequential impact of not being able to do that.