Manage Your Essay Writing

You actually will save time by planning and whenever you come to the place where you have to put an idea whether you had to put a reason where you have to put support an example etc you already have the ideas ready just plug them in and you’re ready to go and you have the vocab ready or at least some of the vocab ready you don’t have to think too much as you’re writing you have good words ready to use because vocabulary is very very important in the essay section that’s where a big chunk of your score is coming from okay and planning will help you relax you don’t need to panic you don’t need to think oh my god I don’t know what to say now you already thought about it say what you put in your plan put it into your essay I’ve seen a lot of people write a plan and then ignore it they don’t look at it again they forget all about it and then they write their essay that is a waste of time because you spend time thinking about it and then you’re spending time thinking again don’t do that do it once at the beginning and then just concentrate on the English on the sentences and paragraphs after that.

Now a lot of you a lot of people have told me that they have a hard time coming up with ideas first of all it takes practice second of all you should have your idea Bank you should be building an idea Bank already in preparation for your test if you’re not sure what an idea Bank is there’s a link up there you can follow that how to create an idea Bank or you can go buy an e-book from my website a couple of them are already done and you can work with those okay so let’s get into the process we’re going to look at three tasks three sample tasks and I’m gonna walk you through the process of one of them deeply and then the other two as examples so number one understand the task make sure you read it carefully okay.

Some people think that parents should discourage their children from pursuing an education in the arts they argue that children should instead focus on the maths and Sciences as these are areas that can lead to good jobs and help Society do you agree with this approach to education so the question is do you agree with something so you have to say yes or no and then support that choice right now the question is not asking you which is better arts or maths do you agree with this approach so the approach is some people think that parents should discourage their children from pursuing an education in the arts so the approach to education is to stay away from the arts okay they argue that they argue that means this is the support they give for that belief so it’s that belief that you have to argue about should children study arts or not that’s the question.