Researching And Problem Solving

This lecture concerns researching and writing and I know I’ve spent some time on this but I think we need to spend a little more just to get you comfortable and with it and tell you what’s sort of involved in getting really good at it because it’s critical to any university students success and […]

Manage Your Essay Writing

You actually will save time by planning and whenever you come to the place where you have to put an idea whether you had to put a reason where you have to put support an example etc you already have the ideas ready just plug them in and you’re ready to go and you have […]

Writing a Perfect Paragraph

All right so we’re gonna be talking about how to write a perfect paragraph and these are the paragraphs that are going to be the foundation for your body paragraphs. When you write longer essays now every single paragraph you can you’re going to write in life or for every essay or story it’s going […]

Business Plans – Frequently Asked Questions 2

So this comes back to the importance of the sales projections being reasonable and supportable. Supporting you and your business’ credibility, while being believable and providing the potential investor with a solid reason to say “yes”. So, complete business plans contain reasonable sales projections. #3 How many years of forecast projections will the bank need? […]